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Credit Card Processing

How It Works

Unmasked, domestic and offshore merchant accounts. If your business is legal then we have a merchant services provider for you.


  • Legitimate unmasked services means a merchant can’t be shut down for what they really do
  • eCommerce, advanced sales, delivery and the hardest to place business types welcome

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Point of Banking
Pin Debit

How It Works

Point of banking is unmasked debit card processing. The consumer pays the fee, meaning there is no cost to the merchant for this payment service.


  • A legitimate unmasked financial service that has withstood the test of time
  • The cashless product as well as merchant services reduces employee theft and shrinkage
  • Less cash on hand makes for a safer and more secure work environment

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eCheck & ACH Services

How It Works

Any retailer, eCommerce or delivery merchant can record a consumer’s check information to either generate a check image or create an ach batch to receive payment for goods and services.


  • Same day or overnight payment, no volume limits, no reserve
  • All business types approved
  • iPhone app for delivery
  • Can deposit into a personal bank account

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Chargeback Reduction Software Program

How It Works

This scheme is a collective of Verified by VISA (VBV) and MasterCard Secure Code (MSC) and utilizes 3D Secure, which is the only fraud prevention scheme available that offers companies liability coverage for transactions that are verified by the checks.


  • Liability Shift offers protection by the card issuers against chargebacks as the liability is assumed
    Note : Vendors will need to confirm with their merchant bank for exact terms on liability shifts
  • Limited additional cost to add 3D Secure to the account
  • Lower processing cost due to lower chargeback fees
  • Improved bank relations as overall processing results improve


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Invoice Factoring & Discounted Cash Flow Advances

How It Works

Factoring purchases product receivables upfront and discounted cash flow funds based on future cash flow. Both products improve cash flow, improve stock positions and strengthen brand value.


  • No upfront cash is required to increase inventory
  • More inventory translates into higher sales potential
  • Increased cash flow resulting from more inventory builds incremental sales and overall company value

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